Thursday, August 25, 2011

MGS4 HD Walkthrough (Extreme Big Boss Emblem) Act 1

Gameplay by JJBBLive

Act 1

Metal Gear Solid 4 Extreme Big Boss Emblem Walkthrough HD (Mk.22 and RailGun only). Enjoy!

Here's what you get for the Big Boss rank.

-Big Boss FaceCamo
While it's called "Big Boss" it's actually Solidus' face with no skin on it. If
you run up to enemies with it equipped they will drop their weapons in fear and
run around screaming.

The Boss' weapon from MGS3. It has an infinite clip with infinite ammo, meaning
that you don't even have to reload. It also plays a couple of sound clips of
the "Snake Eater" song when you ready it with L1.

-Big Boss iPod Song
You also get an iPod song. It increases your accuracy while aiming a weapon and
also your stun damage. Normally in extreme the Solar Gun only knocks enemies
out with a single star. With this playing you can knock an enemy out with five

Big Boss Emblem requirements:
Successfully complete the game on the Boss Extreme difficulty without dying, instigating no alerts, killing no enemies (including Bosses), using no life recovery items, using no stealth suit or bandanna special items (can possess, but not activate), and with a completion time of less than 5 hours.

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