Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Big Planet's Metal Gear Solid HD Walkthrough

Gameplay by JJBB & Snail

The Metal Gear Solid Level Pack is the first DLC that introduces a pack of new,
fully playable levels: In total there are 6 new levels; 5 Main Story Levels and
1 Mini/Bonus Level. The pack costs $5.99, and I'm sure Europe gets ripped off.

This Level Pack adds 72 new stickers, 12 new materials, 10 decorations, and
18 objects. You also get the Gurlokovich Soldier costume. In addition to these
you also get new features:

o 3 New Background tracks
o 1 Interactive Music track
o 1 Metal Gear Solid themed sound object
o 1 Danger Element: Plasma Ball
o 1 Gadget: Laser Sight
o 1 Searchlight Lamp
o 1 Paintinator (Paint Gun) + Paint Switch

Note: If you don't own this Level Pack you can still PLAY the levels by joining
someone online who *DOES OWN* the levels. You can furthermore PLAY the
levels that are created by people who use this pack. However, you DO NOT
get to keep the objects you find - unfortunately.

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