Thursday, October 13, 2011

A new look at the Fox Engine.

Hideo Kojima, now officially a scholar at University of Southern California, presented students and press with a video about game development. A lot of it is just cool factoids like how the fucking mesmerizing Outer World (released as Another World in North America) was one of four games that heavily influenced him in game making. There's also the cute story of his son telling Mrs. Kojima that all he does is play with LEGOs all day. But then he told everyone to turn off their cameras to show off the FOX Engine. Only this picture (from a rehearsal nonetheless) has been released, and it was done so by Kojima via Twitter:

It could just be a demo and nothing else. However, whereas the FOX Engine footage at E3 showcased a young black man and a dog, here we see the back of a man with Big Boss' slicked back hairstyle and jungle fatigues. His hair is brown, just like Big Boss' was before aging, and he seems to have some sort of band positioned in the same way Big Boss wears his eyepatch. Did the black person in the E3 demonstration grow up with vitiligo and a missing right eye? Is that a gun in his hand or is a shadow of a tree or whatever happy to see me? Is this a young Big Boss but it doesn't even matter because they just wanted to show off the FOX Engine? Does anyone care about Rising anymore?

Gamasutra reports that it was just a tech demo. From 2010, at that. That totally is Big Boss though:

"Kojima repeated at least twice that the 2010-dated tech demo in no way reflected Fox's current progress, and that the demo didn't represent an actual Metal Gear game in development."

"Fox Engine also utilizes built-in collision detection, which the clip demonstrated by spawning a Big Boss-like character and attempting to sink him into the ground. His knees bent as the mouse attempted to push him down. Within the video, an enemy PMC guard spawned near Big Boss, and Kojima explained that within a few clicks, a developer can craft the AI's paths of patrol."

"That interaction applies to weapons as well. The designer in the video spawned Big Boss a turret, then gave the enemy PMCs a Stryker APC vehicle. Four of the five guards instantly ran to the Stryker and used it for cover. The footage could be best described as resembling what Metal Gear Solid 4 would look like with Peace Walker's lush tropical stages. His ideal vision, he explained, is to allow designers to create stages without leaning on programmers."

Thanks to Ravi Singh for the article and

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