Monday, December 3, 2012

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - New downloadable skins in Japan

The official Metal Gear Rising Revengeance japanese site has revealed exclusive stores downloadable skins.

"White Armor" 
  • Purchase store: Konami style
  • The White armor represents a special medical care system. 
  • He has been modified to focus on support of allies in the region fierce fighting, you can carry more of the cyborg treatment, supplies for repair.

"Inferno Armor" 
  • Purchase store: TSUTAYA
  • The Red armor represents a special attack system. 
  • He has been modified to support the purpose of attack from the middle distance by throwing grenade type, you can carry more of the various types of grenades.

"Command Armor"
  • Purchase store: GEO
  • The Green armor represents a traditional fighting system. 
  • He has been enhanced to assume the pair warfare drones and tanks, and combat helicopters can carry more ground-to-air guided missile warheads carrying type instrument and multi-purpose rocket grenade launchers

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