Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kojima Pro - New Kojima Interviews From Dubai On MGR, FOX Engine, Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain And Next Gen

Several new Kojima interviews during the promotions of MGR in Dubai trip. He talks about MGR, FOX Engine, Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain and Next Gen. Thanks MGS.nl summarized the interviews! Let's take a look:

An Interview by DvLZGame:
Kojima was asked if Ground Zeroes will be released for next gen systems. He answered that this was ‘a secret he could not talk about’.
The interviewer continued by saying he expected Microsoft and Sony to announce their new consoles this E3 or sooner, and he expects to see more of Ground Zeroes then, since he believes it will be for those systems. Kojima replied by saying: “We will see about this one day… Maybe sooner than you think.”

Of course Kojima is deliberately being vague here, so how to interpret his comments is hard to say. But it does seem to at least imply the game is going to be available on the next generation systems. At the very least Kojima is working on next gen consoles with the FOX Engine. All we can do now is wait.

An Interview by Saudi Gamer:
Metal Gear Solid 4 had long cutscenes because it needed to close the story and explain everything. For Ground Zeroes, a new method of story telling will be used, and Kojima thinks players will really like it.
The player will have the freedom to do what he wants and get the story events in the order he wants based on how he has chosen the missions. At the end however, the player will receive the message as Kojima originally designed and intended it, without change.

An Interview by Youth Arabia:
Kojima said he believes story telling through cinematic has become a bit outdated, and therefore he used a new method of story telling for Ground Zeroes.
When asked about The Phantom Pain, Kojima laughed and said that while he sees the resemblance, it is being made by Moby Dick Studios, and that he has nothing to do with it.

He also said he is working on Ground Zeroes and ‘a few other titles’ in which he is involved in the script writing and the game design.

An Interview by Game Overviews:
When asked what other character possibilities there would be for spin off games, aside from Raiden, Kojima said once again he wants to make a Gray Fox game, although he cannot assure it’s actually going to happen.
An Interview by The Arab Gamer:
Kojima believes that with evolving technology, we will eventually reach a stage when gameplay rendering quality will have the same standard as movies. However, aside from just creating better cinematic Kojima wants to create new gameplay mechanics as well, that will make players feel like they are playing a movie. He added that he can’t get into more details at the moment, but that next generation it will become more clear what he means.
As for Ground Zeroes, Kojima couldn’t say anything about when we can expect the game, but he did say everything is on schedule.

An Interview by IGN ME:
Kojima never thought the Metal Gear series would go on for 25 years, but it happened before he knew it. He also emphasized that while Metal Gear Rising is a spin-off that is meant to appeal to new players, Ground Zeroes will be conventional.

For Rising, the Kojima Productions staff insisted on using Raiden as a protagonist. Kojima himself would have chosen Gray Fox, but in that case he feels he would have to write the script and be very involved in the development of the game himself. Rising on the other hand could be worked on without him.

FOX Engine is designed to not only look better, but also have better functionality that allows new kinds of gaming experiences. Kojima couldn’t say much about that though. What he could say is that the engine is very efficient and with it, the studio is able to create games much faster.

When asked about the Phantom Pain trailer, Kojima laughed and said he liked the visual style and the lighting in it. Regarding the fact that the protagonist looks a lot like Snake, he said that it ‘might have been an inspiration’.
Kojima concluded by saying that Ground Zeroes will take ‘a little more time’, and people can play Rising in the meantime.

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