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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - New GamePlay Info

Warning : Spoilers!
An interesting video posted by MeriStation (Spanish site) which the interviewers reveal lots of new gameplay detail based on an extensive play test. Thanks Monsoons_Left_Foot for the translations and here's the video and summary, "GOL" guy on left and "GOR" guy on right:

  • They start talking about the settings and GOR mentions that when you enter "a city level" you can cut highway bridges and cut all the cars to pieces.  You can also cut some walls in certain areas to get to different parts of an area.  He provides an example of this by mentioning a house's walls being cut.
  • GOR says that spine isn't the only piece of the enemies bodies that we can take out to benefit Raiden.  I assume he is referring to using the left hands for upgrades and scarab cores for blade meter.
  • Mistral's staff is acquired and equipped as soon as you beat her.  It is used by hitting the heavy attack button while the infinite slashes with the katana stay at the square button. Little by little (with upgrades, I suppose) you start gaining more and more ways to do combos and personalizing how you play with whichever weapons you have equipped.
  • GOR says that Raiden is working in a PMC so he can basically provide support for his family and have enough money to go back to his life with them.  He never wanted everything to get out of hand.  He wanted an easy job protecting a president in Africa, but then the terrorist group Desperado LLC shows up.  After getting screwed up by Sam he just wants to keep working but only for revenge.  He wants to stop every single one in the terrorist group ESPECIALLY because of his personal loss (eye and arm).
  • Cutscenes are not very long. They don't even go near to the length of MGS4 cutscenes. They are NOT crucial.  The conflict in the game is presented more through the CODEC than through the cutscenes.
  • GOR does not know how many acts the game has.  He says that he assumes the game has 10 acts (we already know how many the game has because of the achievements).  After playing 6 hours he has only completed 3 acts.  He GUESSES that the game will be at least 16 hours long in campaign ONLY. (pure speculation)  
  • Battles like the one with RAY happen more than once and not necessarily against other RAYs.  A lot of bosses are mechanical (Blade Wolf is another one, for example)
  • Upgrade system is greatly based on changing Raiden depending on the player's style.
  • Weapons are upgraded individually and so are Raiden's abilities as a cyborg ninja (running faster with ninja run, having more hp, etc.)
  • ***Some upgrades change how Raiden looks while others don't.  GOR gives an example of this by saying that you can buy a type of armor that you can see making a very clear change on Raiden's arms by putting some sort of metallic plating.  The changes are not drastic and you should not expect a dramatic change in the cyborg suit's size.
  • Early into the game there are appearances of characters from past Metal Gear games.  The characters have changed in the 4 year gap between MGS4 to MGR:R in ways he did not mention.
  • Blade Mode changes depending on the mode you play in. He doesn't exactly say how.
  • There is a New Game+ where you start off with everything you got in the previous playthrough.  You unlock a harder that goes above Hard after beating the game once.
  • The game is pretty linear, but has a ton of collectibles hidden around.  Some require cutting around areas that you wouldn't normally think about cutting.
  • VR missions are found around the campaign.  There are some portable boxes and tablets around the stages which you have to access to make all the VR missions playable in a separate mode.
  • Has a good amount of replay value according to GOR.
  • Possibility of a PC version is not completely discarded.  They said that Plat might end up making a PC version later on.  They talked about it at Konami Spain.
  • WiiU will NEVER get MGR:R
  • There is a unexpected variation in some missions:
  • 1)There are missions with sections that are heavily recommended to use stealth in because of threats like 7 Gekkos in a single area (I can barely beat two at once....).  
  • 2) Controlling the Scarab as we have seen in some videos
  • 3) Pitch black room where your only lead on where the enemy is located is the radar
  • Stealth is not sluggish like in MGS games.  You can be fast and stealthy at the same time.  
  • GOR mentions that sometimes things got out of hand while he was trying to be stealthy and accidentally ran into a big fight. The cardboard box plays a huge role in stealth.  
  • As you progress through the game the combat becomes faster by bringing in larger waves of enemies and faster movement by Raiden.  
  • You start out the game with less blade mode meter than you have all seen in the ZoE HD demo.  You use an upgraded meter through that.  
  • GOR is not pleased with how things disappear after being cut, but he says this setback is worth it because it keeps the game moving fast.  At least the blood stays more time in the stage.
  • Dismemberment plays a huge role in the game.  Some missions require cutting specific parts of an enemy and using them as an item.  There is also recovering HP and Blade Meter with Blade Mode, of course.  
  • He considers chapters to be VERY lengthy.  
  • For him: 6 hours = 3 Acts as previously mentioned
  • A single Act can consist of more than one setting.  3 different cities can be in one Act (his example).
  • Raiden and Blade Wolf do fight together as hero and sidekick in some parts of the game.
  • The wording is a little unclear while he explains a very particular feature, but if I understood correctly you can do special moves while Blade Wolf is helping you.
  • The dialogue is very good in GOR's opinion. There isn't a great amount of detail in it and the story does feel a bit more generic when compared to MGS games.  There is no real sensation of the possible world-wide crisis like there is in your usual MGS game because this is all centered on Raiden and what goes on around him.
  • There are enemies with weak spots that can be cut with blade mode.  Some have them in the legs.  Some have them in the arms.  It depends on the enemy.
  • There are areas where stealth is encouraged, as mentioned before.  He mentions that sometimes he'd find himself fighting 3 Mastiffs at the same time because he wasn't stealthy and a battle against 3 enemies of that caliber basically = death unless you are REALLY skilled.  Also, faster completion time means more points so stealth is the optimal way to go when available, but it is NOT required at all.  A true test of skill is going through the game by simply fighting your way through everything.
  • You only start with one VR mission which is the tutorial shown in the MGR demo.  It still doesn't show you how to block or do the special moves. The game does tell you how to perform the moves later on in the game during the campaign, but can be used before you are told how.  
  • GOR says that the game has a huge learning curve because of the different ways to do combos when compared to other action games and because of the exponential increase in difficulty as you progress through the game.
Source : meristation, pastebin, mgs.nl

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