Sunday, January 6, 2013

Metal Gear Solid - Old Snake comes in the 3A Bambaland Metal Gear Rex

Finally, new photos of the limited edition 3A Metal Gear Rex (Bambaland Version) have been revealed by Kojima. It is the MGS4's Old Snake that comes in this 3A limited Rex. This limited Rex is exclusively sold at the 3A Bambaland Store. A poster and 1/48th scale Snake are included with this model and the packaging will also differ from the normal retail version. Price $490 US. Release in Jan, 2013.

Old Snake in Rex!!

3A Rex has arrived. Shin-San is struggling assemble it!

Assemble Menu!

Rex Completed!

The model measures an incredible 360mm in height even when in standby mode. All of the powerful weapons on the REX have also been faithfully reproduced, including the multiple rotary cannons, an anti-tank missile launcher, a free-electron laser and the nuclear powered railgun. But there is much more to this model - the lights and railgun are fitted with a lighting system, the cockpit can be opened and closed, certain armored parts can be removed and there are various other highlights that any Metal Gear fan is bound to appreciate.

Yoji Shinkawa, the art director for Metal Gear Solid and designer of the Metal Gear REX was directing the production of the figure, and together with the detailed and careful work of 3A, they have created the ultimate model of the REX!

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