Sunday, February 17, 2013

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Final Trailer Released On Feb 19

Kojima reveals the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance's Final Trailer (edited by himself) will be released on Feb 19th, the release date for North American.

Adjusting audio balance on "PRO TOOLS" Final Trailer for RISING. Mixing is to follow.

English version checking.

Saturated World with REVENGEANCE!

Now There're for seven Languages ​​in Total for "RISING" Trailer.

French and German version of his checking PA "RISING" Final Trailer.
He has mentioned to watch this trailer with audio on as he has structured this based on the music. The trailer contains new gameplay footage, drama and character. 

Also, he wants to show the change of Raiden from MGS2 to MGS4 and then MGR. He was going to use the old Raiden voice from past titles but decided not to avoid kill-joy so that he was managed to express the change only with subtext and music along with the actual movie of MGR.

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