Friday, March 1, 2013

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - First VR Missions DLC Date Announced And Free DLC Giveaways

Today, the official MGR Japanese site has announced the release date of the First MGR's VR Missions DLC. It will be able to download via Japanese's PSN on April 2nd for 300 yen or $3. 

Also, according to Yuji Korekado, they will be giving away the First VR Missions DLC as "FREE" for a limited time from March 14 for those people who are already have cyborg ninja customize skins. (Note : Free DLC that is distributed by the campaign can not be used in non-Japan version. However, it is possible to get the Free DLC for other regions in the future so stay tune for more info.)
This First DLC will be included 30 VR Missions featuring "Soul Snake Wooden Sword", a special wooden sword infused with the soul of Solid Snake and every time you swing it, you will hear Snake’s voice. Plus, a street fighter style mission and some controllable Dwarf Gekko sneak missions.
The second DLC pack will allow you to play as Jetstream Sam, cyborg ninja protagonist Raiden's nemesis. The third DLC will allow players to take on the role of LQ-84i.
The VR Missions are PS3-exclusive only in North America. In Latin America and Europe, the DLC will be available for the Xbox 360 as well.

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